Wine list


Cava Brut, Xenius, Spain € 29,50 p/bottle € 6,00 p/glass
Refreshing sparkling wine, ripe fruit and citrus
Moët & Chandon, Brut Imperial, France 0.75 ltr. € 85,00 0.375 ltr. € 45,00 0.2 ltr. € 25,00
Sparkling fruitiness, some body with a good flavor, elegantly mature

White house Wines

Chardonnay, Santa Alvara, Valle Central, Chile € 25,50 p/bottle € 5,50 p/glass
Wonderful, refreshing wine, lots of juice. Exotic fruit and light taste of vanilla
Sauvignon Blanc, Le Haut Païs, Languedoc, France € 28,50 p/bottle € 6,50 p/glass
Crisp refreshing wine, tones of green apples and grass
Viognier, Viento Aliseo, La Mancha, Spain € 30,50 p/bottle € 7,00 p/glass
Full bodied, refreshing and with a long after taste. Nice with Asian dishes
Pinot Blanc Reserve, Fernand Engel, Alsace, France €33,50 p/bottle € 7,25 p/glass
Fruity, dry and excellent for white asparagus!

Red house Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon, Barrique D’or, Languedoc, France € 25,50 p/bottle € 5,50 p/glass
Light and earthy taste with raspberries, black berries and a woody after taste
Malbec, Tarani, France € 28,50 p/bottle p/glass € 6,50
Full bodied wine, lots of dark fruit and long after taste
Merlot, Le Haut Païs, France € 30,50 p/bottle € 7,00 p/glass
Deep red colored, red fruit and easy to drink, this wine contains a lot more Merlot then
Cabernet Sauvignon Grapes
Carmenere, Reserva, Paraiso, Valle Central, Chile € 33,50 p/bottle p/glass € 7,25
A full bodied wine, lots of fruit, tastes prunes and chocolate


Gris Rose, Question D’Équilibre, France € 24,50 p/bottle p/glass € 5,50
Beautiful rose wine, lightly colored and sense of soft red fruit, refreshing

White Wines

Gruner Veltliner, Müller Göttweiger Berg, Kremstal, Austria € 35,50 p/bottle p/glass € 7,50
A full bodied wine with white fruit, minerals, excellent for white meat and fish
Sauvignon Blanc, Haha, Marlborough, New Zealand € 39,50 p/bottle p/glass € 7,50
Lots of fruit, great balance between sour and sweet, elegant long after taste
Sancerre, Domaine Sylvain Bailly, Valle de Loire, France € 42,50 p/bottle
Elegant, pure wine, full and very nice long after taste

Red Wines

Garnacha Tinto, Botijo Rojo, Valdejalon, Spain 34,50 p/bottle p/glass € 7,25
Taste of red fruit, cherries and Mediterranean herbs, long after taste
Valpolicella Classico Ripasso, Capitel della Crosara, Italy € 43,50 p/bottle p/glass € 8,25
Full bodied wine with lots of ripe red fruit
Shiraz, The Footbolt, D’Arenberg, Australia € 42,50
Plums and rhubarb, lots of spices. Full bodied and long after taste
Tempranillo, Reserva, Baron de Ley, Rioja, Spain € 45,00
A creamy wine with ripe tannins, lots of fruit, tastes of mushrooms and coffee
Pinot Noir, Haha, Marlborough, New Zealand € 49,50
Light wine, vibrant and flavorsome, aroma of cherry with a touch of oak.
Valpolicella Amarone, Le Preare, Italy € 68,50
Full, soft and rich wine, taste of black cherries and plums